5 quick tips to rank higher in Google

Ranking high in Google.
It seems the ultimate goal for every entrepreneur.
It is not, of course.
The goal is to get more clients and therefore more profit, right?

Ranking high in Google is relative.
Relevantly ranking higher in Google is much more important.

For some people SEO is like Voodoo. You hold your tongue to the left, your head to the right and you push the correct button. And….Poof! Your site is on the first page of the search results.

Unfortunately, that is not how it works in the real world.
You can do SEO yourself and it is not THAT hard.

I have 5 tips for you that can be implemented quickly and which improve your SEO fast.

1. Make sure you have relevant keywords and terms.

Let’s say you sell bicycles for kids.
You do not want to rank high for bicycles for adults then because that will cause a lot of traffic that will quit your site as soon as they get there. Bad sign for your ranking! Pay attention to the keywords you are using.

2. Use keywords in your content

Using keywords in your text and keep it readable for your target audience is an important challenge. The user’s experience is more important than what Google thinks of your site.
In the end it is about persuading visitors to want to know more about you.
Do not stuff you content with keywords, make sure they appear naturally. By now, Google is smart enough to recognise synonyms and descriptions of a context  as a variant of a keyword. When using synonyms and other ways of describing things, the text does not get boring and is easier to read.

3. Use the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast

You can only do this when you have a WordPress site, of course. If so, this is the best SEO plugin. It gives you a lot of useful tips and resources and insight into the optimization of you pages. This will get you a long way without knowing too much about SEO.

4. Blog, blog, blog

Blogging keeps your site fresh. Google likes fresh content. Static pages that you do not update make your site disappear to the Search results’ cellar. Blogging has many advantages and is easier than updating your static pages. It’s not a bad thing to update your static pages regularly either, by the way. Strapped for inspiration for writing long blogs? Don’t worry. Short blogs are better than no blogs.

5. Do not worry about SEO and do what makes you happy.

Wait….that does not make sense, does it? Yes, it does. When you are blogging to your heart’s content about what you do an what makes you happy (assuming that you want to promote that), Google will pick up on that and make you rank higher. You will automatically use the right (key)words and terms your potential client is searching for. Piece of cake? Absolutely!

Am I stating the obvious in the tips above? Probably. Are you actually doing them all?

Which tip are you going to apply first? Let me know in the comments below.

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