5 quick tips to rank higher in Google

5 quick tips to rank higher in Google 2

Ranking high in Google. It seems the ultimate goal for every entrepreneur. It is not, of course. The goal is to get more clients and therefore more profit, right? Ranking high in Google is relative. Relevantly ranking higher in Google is much more important. For some people SEO is like Voodoo. You hold your tongue […]

How does Google work?

How does Google work? 3

Google is one of the most used search engines in the world. Hah, no surprise there. If you have your own website you probably want to know how to rank higher in Google’s search results, correct? Or you have a shitload of money that you give to an SEO specialist. This specialist makes sure that […]

Your Search is Not My Search


So, if you search the same thing as I do, I don’t get the same results? Short answer? No, you don’t. Is this answer sufficient? Skip the rest! Your Google Search depends on more than 200 clues If you want a more detailed description on how Google Search works, read How does Google work? Most of […]