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From 'OK' to YAY!

One of a Kind Digital Marketing for social entrepreneurs, changemakers, ethical profit makers, entrepreneurial troublemakers, weirdo's and oddballs!
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One of a Kind Digital Marketing - Original 1

From ‘OK’ to YAY!

That is a desire that many of clients have. This does not mean that they are super competitive or want to be agressive sellers. They just feel that there is more possible online than the results they have now without tricks or methods that just don’t feel right.

I help ambitious online entrepreneurs that do not fil the mold and are overwhelmed by everything that is necessary to grow their business.


You are sick of ‘one size fits all’ solutions and want something that works for YOU!

You can grow your business without chucking everyhing overboard. You can start with what you have and improve tomorrow.

My name is Marjan Crabtree
As an Online Business Architect, I help you with Digital Marketing to get the most out of your company with a smart and unique combination of strategy, tech and a dash of humour. I drink black coffee and eat Kiwifruit with skin on...

How do you do that?

A traditional business coach tells you what to do, I also tell you how to do it without being part of the gray mass.  I help you with advice and support: Do It Yourself, Do It Together or Done For You.

When Plan A and Plan B don't work,
it's time for PLAN C!

You might be an entrepreneur for a while and have a whole pile of online programs gathering dust on a virtual shelf.  Or you’ve gone through fourteen business coaches or dismissed the advice from seven specialists.



Because it doesn’t suit you, because they don’t understand you or because they don’t think the same as you.

I get that and I hear you!

And that is why it is time for Plan C, the plan that DOES work. The plan that looks at where you and you’re clients are at. PLAN C is where you join in what you need NOW. Whether it is strategy, tech, the customer journey, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Social Media, Website optimisation, E-mail marketing, Automation or whatever you can thinkg of for digital marketing that does not have a name yet. Plan C helps you to get more clients and a higher conversion in a way that does feel good for you.  Nice and Cheeky!

'one size fits all'

Do you want to know if  we are a good fit?
send me an email or call me…

I agree that there is no one solution for everything.

What do others say?

Don't worry
Be Happy.

PLAN C will be revealed soon!

Don't Worry
Be happy.

PLAN C wordt binnenkort onthuld!