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I am Marjan Crabtree, the Black Coffer Drinker of No Crap Online.

When you are new to the world of online visibility and building an online business, then this page is for you.

It contains all information you need to start quickly and confidently without meekly following or copying others.

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Your expertise and knowledge is good enough to serve others. You might have some products and services or not. You already have an off-line business but want to start online of you only want to work online?
In short: you want an online business.

An online business uses automated systems that make transactions, cash flow and growth happen without you having to be there all the time!

In other words, you don’t want to bill per hour anymore (or less). Online entrepreneurs invest time beforehand to create value products and experiences. We work hard now to benefit from it later continuously.

Why is online visibility important for my (online) business?

Online visibility you can compare to running a ‘normal’ company. There you need to make sure people know about you and that they return. It works the same online. People need to find you and return to you. You’ll need a good website for that and techniques and strategies. Those strategies and techniques are different from the ones used off-line.

There is lot involved (don’t freak out):

  • your website with content,
  • your online offers
  • findability (or ranking high in Google)
  • list building (building a mailing list)
  • social media
  • visibility
  • Tech
  • design
  • sales
  • images and photo’s
  • copywriting
  • SEO
  • psychology
  • neuromarketing
  • luck
  • wisdom
  • knowledge
  • licorice or other sweets
  • coffee (and lots of it)
  • frustration
  • …and so on, and so on…


Let me get rid of some myths and set some realistic expectations before we continue.


Running an online business is NOT easy and you’ll have to work for it.

You have to work for your success. It is the same with making money online. A lot of conventional internet marketeers and online entrepreneurs are trying to convince you that it is different and that you’ll soon be rolling around in your money on a tropical island. Why? Because they are trying to make money with false hope to pay for their holidays to that island. I have always been too honest for my own good: running an online business is hard work. I will do my utmost to help you and to give you the information that you need but I cannot force you to take action. You have to do that.
So, if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, please go somewhere else.


Having a successful online business will NOT happen in one day!

As I said earlier, I don’t believe in ‘get rick quick schemes’. To get where I am now, I have worked many hours. There was nothing easy about making my company run well. Relatively speaking, it was quick. I made the right decisions at the right time. I invested in myself. And it was ‘quick’ because I decided to step out of the ‘work until you are 65, 66, 67 (or whatever it will be when we ‘are allowed’ to retire ) and postpone your life’ plan. I create my own luck. And so can you!


Running a successful online business is NOT impossible

An online business was my dream until early 2014. My employers did not extend my contract (recession, blah blah blah). Another parttime job in IT without ridiculous commutes seemed impossible so I took the step to make my dream reality. An you know what? That dream did become reality and it is great. I can stay home with my family, work whenever and wherever I want and make my own decisions. That way of life is possible and I want you to have that too.

An online business, what can you expect?

A successful online business starts with a good website. A good website is the heart of your online presence. It is like a brick and mortar shop with a display window in a busy shopping street. Only this shop does not get a lot of visitors or profits if the display window does not appeal to the potential visitors. Did you notice I said ‘a good website’? Not a beautiful website or a designer site…
You need to know how to promote your website, how to be visible in the big wild Internet jungle. You need to know how to make a good online offer. You need to know how to make connections that create synergy. You need to know how to rank in Google, you need to know how to write good copy. How to show yourself on different social media channels. How to advertise and sell. An online entrepreneur has to have many skills.

Yes, it is a lot of work. But it is not difficult and all worth it.


and it does not have to be beautiful…

Let me tell you a story....

Once upon a time….

When I built my first website, I knew about building website but nothing about online marketing. Technically my website was great…and looked OK. How was I supposed to know? It was little more than a fancy resume. I could have (and maybe that was a better idea) my LinkedIn profile as we site. This functional, OK looking website was just that. And it did nothing to draw clients in. Conversion was zero, zilch, nada…

The eye wants something too and tech is important and that all contributes to conversion (turning the visitor into clients).
The most important thing is that your website is optimised for conversion. And yes, that sounds like Voodoo. Just stick a needle in a doll that looks like your ideal client and they will come and buy) but it isn’t. It is all about (neuro)marketing: what triggers your ideal client to buy.

If you doubt your current website? Don’t just throw it out. Quite often an existing website needs a few tweaks to be profitable.

A domain and hosting

A website is the heart of your online business and online visibility. There are a lot of free options to make one, like Wix, Weebly, Blogger, Tumblr or Even though these are great options for a lot of people, if you are serious about your online business, I recommend that you won’t use these because:

With a free option you don’t always have the option to use your own domain,
There are less options for design, functionality and profit. for example, has limited options for adding plugins (for extra functionality), you cannot use all themes and you are not allowed to advertise on it.
Every website story starts with a domain and hosting…..

IXL Hosting: The webhost that I use and trust

I have been using  IXL Hosting for a while now. Their support, service and reliability is great.

I hear horrible stories from other online entrepreneurs who have had really bad experiences with their web hosts. None of that with IXL Hosting.

Mind you, IXL Hosting is a local webhost in the Netherlands. So if you are not in the Netherlands and are looking for a good and reliable party, try Siteground

And then?

Once (or if) you have site you can start to optimise is so that your ideal client can buy from your in an optimal wat. You can make sure you rank high in Google. Je can optimise your processes, your automation. You can use Social Media to get people to you.. you can do all sorts of things. But firts, optimise that site.

Free training, information and newsletter

Before I let you go so you can take action, I want to invite you to subscribe to my newsletter. In this newsletter you’ll get exclusive tips and information that I won’t share anywhere else. This newsletter is not a sales tool. Yes, I will send you juicey deals but that is not the main reason for the newsletter. The newsletter is to keep in touch and to stay up to date. And you know what? You can unsubscribe at any moment.

And yes, I know, it is not sexy to call my newsletter a newsletter… so call it what you want, it is still a newsletter, right?

Over the past years I have create a lot of free stuff.
I am slowly going to list it here, so check back in.

Blijf (on)regelmatig in minuten op de hoogte

Je krijgt onregelmatig informatie van mij over online business optimalisatie, conversie en af en toe een geintje. Je kunt je op elk moment weer uitschrijven. Je gegevens bewaak ik als mijn kinderen. Beloofd!

Marc Bijnens

Marc Bijnens

I have seen your WordPress videos and I have to admit I have rarely found such well structured explanation.

Ik appreciate you

I want to finish off by saying that I am here for you, not only as a guide on you way to online success, but also as a friend.
I try to answer all my e-mail. And I am not better than anybody else. I am not special; I am a woman who wants to work hard, wants to work smart and who wants to help online entrepreneurs thrive and grow. Thank you for your support. And if you managed to read all the way to here then I would like you to come and say ‘hi’ on my Facebook page. I will certainly answer and I am looking forward to meeting you online.

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