Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers

You are required to cover yourself if you have a webshop.
Yet, it does not feel nice to deal with others like that.
I am obliged to have Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Statement.
You can find the General Terms and Conditions here and the Privacy Policy here.

I always assume that people have good intentions and trust.
That’s how I like to deal with my customers.
Open and honest.

In addition, I always try to make agreements that are as clear as possible.
Sometimes these are open for interpretation, then I like to talk about it.
I never refer to my Terms and Conditions immediately.
But they are there just in case.

I treat my customers the same way I want to be treated.
This means that we treat each other nicely.

I adhere to all the rules that the Dutch government and the tax authorities impose on companies.

Do you have any questions about this?

I like to hear them.

Inspired by Ellen Blok of Tekstnomade