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You can do better!

Smart Unconventional Solutions

Especially for smart experienced knowledge-based entrepreneurs who wonder why their current offer isn’t selling better!

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You have a business that runs quite well and yet....

You have a good mix of services, you have nice clients and yet you know that more should be possible.
That you can get more customers from your current offer.

Your offer might not connect seamlessly with your target audience, your funnel is leaky, your sales page is not focused enough to get the highest conversion rate. And your webinars could certainly be better too.

All those – you feel – little things that get in the way of better sales.

What would it be like if...

What would it be like if you could enjoy doing what you are good at and your sales process was seamlessly aligned with it so that it is irresistible to your customers, eliminating the need to nag and drag?

What would it be like if your offer were irresistible?

What would it be like if your sales page runs on autopilot?

What would it be like if your webinar brings in enough sales.

What would it be like if your funnel brings in lots of sales?

That you don’t feel like you’re shouting above your weight?

What would it be like if your customers say a heartfelt yes to your offer because it is exactly what they are looking for. 

The solution is in your customer’s brain

Persuasion uses unconscious signals that can make your marketing irresistible.

A customer subconsciously makes the decision to buy something. If we focus our messaging on that, it connects much better with what your customer is looking for.

With the Psychology of Persuasion, you have the right offer at the right time for the right customer!

This means that you automatically no longer have to shout loudly and nag and drag with your services.

Because you may have already been given umpteen promises, been promised the moon or bought yet another ‘the solution’, I understand that you are hesitant.

That is why we always start with an analysis: an Offer Analysis, a Brand Analysis, a Marketing Analysis or a Sales Analysis. This means we use the Persuasion Audit tool to put your business under the microscope to see how far you already connect with your customer’s psychology..or in other words, how irresistible it already is. No fuzzy theories, no, objective measurement. Based on such an analysis, we determine the next actions.

Using the No Crap Formula (Strategy, Tech and Sales), we ensure that hard earned money are in YOUR pocket (and not someone else’s). We can apply this formula to your website, sales page, offer, webinar, funnel and social media to give you an edge (or ten) over your competition.

In doing so, I also am as much as ten notches ahead of my competition (or other choices) who claim to do something similar. See my qualifications AND, and this really is a secret weapon, I have been trained by the Queen of Online Persuasion Bushra Azhar in Persuasion/Neuromarketing or Marketing Psychology so that you never have to do shouty and get results more easily.

Think of it as business coaching, but in a very practical measurable way.

How does it work?

A traditional business coach tells you what to do, I also tell you how to do it without being part of the boring masses. I help you with advice and support. I give you a push while you learn to fly even better. And what is even better, you learn to get the best out of your business.  This can come in many shapes and sizes: online training, live training, a club, 1-on-1 and customised.  

Why should you care who I am?

Well, not if you don’t want more customers and turnover with what you already have.

I’m Marjan and with Smart Unconventional Solutions I help smart experienced knowledge-based entrepreneurs who wonder why their offer isn’t selling better

I am a outspoken Dutch national with a Kiwi passport and am a fixer and troubleshooter who cuts right through to the heart of the matter, gets to the results as fast as possible and says what needs to be said sprinkled with awesomeness and humour.

When I am not cooking up something for my clients, you can find me in Leusden with my Kiwi husband and three children. Or I go for a walk with our black cat Kwibus.

I eat kiwifruit with skin on…

'one size fits all'

Want to know if we can work together successfully?
Send me an e-mail or a WhatsApp

I agree with you that there is no standard solution for everything.

So you don’t do websites anymore, Marjan?

I know, I am known as the one who knows everything about websites. And yes, I still do, but hear me out.

The hard truth is that your website alone is not going to do it for you.

Just like a sales page alone is not going to make you rich, or just ads, or just a funnel, or just a mail series, or just a webinar.

They are all cogs in a bigger picture.
And why, oh why should I help you with a solution you’re not ready for at all?
So often, I see entrepreneurs who want a new and improved website, but who don’t have a clear and complete offer yet. And then you know in advance that a new or improved website will not help them.

Because a ‘beautiful’ website is really not going to make cold visitors buy from you.

Or a good freebie is not going to make the leads come flooding in and turn them into customers for your high-end product.

People buy from people…and for that you need to build a relationship. Make sure they know you, trust you, that you can help them and that you are indeed who you say you are and do what you promise. And that you don’t just spout empty crap.

Just a pretty website doesn’t do that.

If you are sure that you have everything in order, go and have a look at my other company Kwalisites or email me to see how I can help you.

Good work Marjan.
Nice and direct and no unnecessary frills.
In short, a must.
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Suzanne Verbeek
Marjan gives in a short time so many clear tips that give your website just that little bit more. Really nice!

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Pascale Graaf
Conveniently all together, and as is always the case with you: clearly and kindly explained with practical assignments.
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Berna Wellen